February 10, 2016

Introduction to Alstone Quotes!

Hello. Welcome to Alstone Quotes.

I am Randy Alstone. I have written numerous quotes over my lifetime, and continue doing so whenever I can/try, and I have posted most of them in my Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/randyalstone

Although I have lost few hundreds of my quotes from the time period 2006-2011, owing to the incident of my laptop being stolen and sadly I didn't have backup, I still amassed a large number of maxims after that. Anyway, probably, the old quotes were not that great, mature or meaningful as the recent ones, who knows?

Anyhow, the purpose of this blog is to expand on the quotes a bit, give it proper meaning, if needed, and may be dig up the instance when I wrote it, if possible. It's a tall order, or even an useless order, in a sense, but who cares? At least someone would get a good thing or two out of it, right?

Let the journey begin!

Randy Alstone.

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